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Meticulous Ventures


Our First Venture

As Meticulous Ventures, or MVPL, we started off on 14 October 2016, with an idea of developing a software product called 4Pillars. This product, 4Pillars is a Sales & Network tracking software for multi-level marketing companies with a focus on strategic mentoring of downline members. Since most of the businesses around us including companies and institutes are hierarchical organizations, and they can be visualized as networks, 4Pillars is positioned as our flagship product for Group Sales as well as for Group Mentoring. It is a groupware which is an ideal platform for a group of people working collectively as sales teams who learn from and teach each other and grow.

Meanwhile and by the time 4Pillars was being developed, around Q2/Q3 of 2017, MVPL ventured into something that was fundamentally off track but a noble cause and a convincing business idea. That business segment was non-IT in nature. It was a combination of Out Of Home (OOH) Media and Pollution Control. Idea was to install Outdoor Air Pollution Control machine which will filter polluted air and deliver clean air back. There was no cost to the provider of location where the machine was to be installed. In lieu of the location provided, the provider could leverage association with a noble cause and earn name/fame by local advertising. The business model was around advertising hosted on a panel on top of these machines. We were supposed to convert these installation sites into advertising sites and bring advertisements on board.

In New Delhi, which has high pollution, we expected the business to work out. It was looking to be lucrative and doable given that we have been in Delhi/NCR for long and there were no language or locale barriers. With his brother Bhupinder Pal Singh, Harry got into this business and gave it a good shot. Both brothers worked and spent 7 months of time, money and efforts to build the idea and get customers only to realize that there was no business ground and ethics that was followed. There were no win/win thoughts. The partner wanted higher shares than the committed promises, under delivered on capabilities of the machine, followed unfair practices, wanted to compete in the same territory, wanted to capture customers etc. not leaving any business ground for partners like us. Nothing seemed fair and we ended up being used/misused. We gave up on this idea and we are glad we came out much early.

Our partner, our first guide in a way, taught us what was fair/unfair and how business strategies are usually carried out in the unfair market. We found certain risks and learnt how to be clear upfront and how to set right business expectations and be legally correct at all times. We have no regrets and are happy to have quit early. We carry the learnings with us.

Then we were thinking how to move ahead in life... Bhupinder moved on with his business in automobile segment and is still trying hard to make certain things work. Harry moved back to IT domain and this time with more focus... In the same endeavor, Harry moved to Pune. Meticulous Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (MVPL) was renamed to XOR Bit Infotech for the name to harmonize with IT sector.

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