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Our Story


With high ambitions, and deterministic action it is not possible to remain behind... When you've seen the engine you can't ride a bullock cart... With strong dreams everything is possible... One can achieve whatever impossible anything looks to be...

How it began

Chance or choice or just destiny... Harry who is the man behind, started it with a vision to setup a venture of his own. Being a meticulous person, the company was formerly called "Meticulous Ventures" (MVPL) .

He had already served as systems and infrastructure specialist in various corporate offices head quartered in India, US, UK, Singapore, Netherlands, Phillipines over a period of nearly 20yrs. It was by 2015/16 that the trends were changing and technology was seeing new horizons and clouds were seen everywhere. Those were the clouds of Cloud Computing... Infrastructure was becoming code and data centers getting shut down as colocation of infrastructure was not something that people were looking to host owing to high upfront investments and recurring costs, managed services were obviously costly as the infrastructure was being managed by someone else and therefore it was time to move on to cloud !

While he did catch up on technology and became certified on various leading platforms and solutions, the regular on and off the job was a challenge. It was important to do something meaningful in a significant way rather than hopping from one company to other and from one location to another. That was when Harry decided to move to Pune for a long term strategic business work out.

Nothing comes free of cost... Success definitely not ! There are many turns and curves on this journey and although aerial distance looks to be small, the path on ground is not straight forward. There are ups and downs and some times round about or U turns. Sometimes there are are ditches and sometimes heights to scale and feel proud. Everyone gets tested in tough times and only the persistent ones get rewarded.

Foundation & Pillars

Like strong pillars of support stood three people with Harry. First was his wife, Sandeep Kaur in whose name company formation was started as Harry was already on job and some important identity and financial documents had mistakes in names. She quickly moved out of the venture owing to the fact that her contributions were only signatorial in nature. However, she still stands today as a strong, emotional and motivating pillar.

Second person to stand and support was his father, Lt. Col. (Retd.) Jagjit Singh, an ex-army officer with a huge experience and guidance to offer. When there were no startup funds, father was there as first person to put in the initial capital for the company. He's an active director on advisory board of the company. Great guidance and support...

Third person was his brother Bhupinder Pal Singh with whom under Meticulous Ventures (MVPL) brand a business idea was tried out. He joined as Director for developing a new line of business and that was Out of Home Media advertisement and Environmental Care.

They all are still motivators and strong pillars of support, emotionally, financially, business wise and strategy wise. Thanks to all !

Lt Col (Retd) Jagjit Singh


COAS Commendation Card, Ex-Army Officer(EME), Member - National Safety Council
35+ yrs of Exp in commanding, managing and leading large group of soldiers while serving in Army, expert at managing relations, man power planning and human resource management, 4+ yrs of Corporate Exp with Gammon India Ltd, maintained highest standards of safety & security

Speaker / Social Worker, Career guide and mentor

Bhupinder Pal Singh


Excellent experience in business development & sales, ran his own 2 wheeler workshop which he later made to a 4 wheeler repair shop. Then got a Maruti Authorized Service Station(MASS) which he ran for 10+ years. Has 13+ yrs Exp in Automotive Industry, Repairs, Sales & Marketing and Trading of Automotive Spares. A small stint of experience was gained in Air Pollution Control and Out of Home (OOH) Media advertising.

Sales and Marketing / Biz Dev and Political Liaisons

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