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Our Services

  • Cloud SERVICES

We help in migration of your servers and virtual machines from on premise to leading cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, Digital Ocean, Linode, and others.


We offer consulting on data center related projects and provide services including managed hosting, shared hosting, co-location through our partners and we are experts at timely implementation of the solutions.

  • IT Training

We specialize in training on Cloud (AWS / Azure / GCP), Systems (Linux / Windows), Virtualization (VMware / Xen / KVM / Hyper-V), Networking, Switching/Routing, Hardware (Desktop & Server Support)

  • Recruitment

When you need the right men for the right work, look nowhere else. We match or exceed your expectations on getting you right folks for your job. We just need the criteria to match.

  • software DEV

Whether it is a website, a portal, a mobile application or a piece of code for various embedded real time OS or scripting for automation… We can do the software development for you.  

  • iot, ai & ml

It’s fun to get into amazing new things happening around Internet of Things (IoT), Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning… We are gearing towards excellent times… We can help.

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